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Had an Amazing Budget Friendly Family Trip to Picnic Grove Tagaytay


We went on a family trip to Tagaytay last week and it was a blast! We toured the People’s park, Mahogany market and Skyranch. But what we have enjoyed the most is our trip to Picnic Grove Complex located in Barangay Sungay East –End, Tagaytay City. It’s a one stop place for fun, relaxation and adventure. They have plenty of amenities available like, kid’s playhouse, horseback riding, fish spa massage center, butterfly sanctuary, zip line adventure and a lot more!

The entrance fees costs Php 50 each. Cottage rentals ranges from Php 100 to Php 500 depending on the size. Parking fee is Php 35 only. The place was clean and not so crowded when we went there on Saturday, but it gets a little bit crowded in mid-afternoon. It is still most favourable to visit Picnic Grove on the early morning because it is cleaner and less crowded. They have assorted food stands and souvenir shops, the price is ok. But it is more advisable if you just bring you own food there, it’s more practical that way.

Move Over Channing Tatum. My Husband is also Sexy in his own Unusual Way


I hope the FIBA World Cup will end sooner. Everytime my husband watches basketball game, he can’t seem to hear or see anything besides the TV. What is it about men and basketball anyways?!

Honestly, we fought about this basketball games early in our marriage. But as years go by, I became adjusted to it. I learned how to understand and give him his space when it comes to this. Besides he’s a hardworking man, he deserves this privilege.
It’s commercial break. He came up to me a minute ago. He’s trying to check on me, asking me if I have something to write on this blog. I told him, “Nothing yet, I can’t think clearly because you’re too loud watching your basketball games on TV.”
He kissed my head. That sweet gesture never fails to make me smile. He said, “Well why don’t you write about men and their love for basketball.”
The commercial break is now over. He went back in front of the TV before I say anything.
I don’t want to write anything about basketball. I hate basketball! But you know what, I suddenly remembered how we hang out together in college. I always find him sexy and irresistibly attractive when he’s playing basketball and volleyball. I still find him irresistible even when he’s just watching basketball. I know it’s weird for me to say that. But hey! I find my husband irresistible in a many unusual ways. Very unusual.

Here’s some of them:

Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” Music Video and Her Awkward Dancing

Anyone seen Taylor Swift’s new video? Not yet? Well you should. It’s been a while since she last released a new album and it was just last August 18 she uploaded this new music video in YouTube called “Shake it off”.

Let’s talk about the song first. I love the lyrics, Taylor Swift wrote it with such wit and emotions. Anyone who’s having a hard time dealing with other people’s criticisms can absolutely relate to this. And boy, she is fully aware on what bashers say about her and her infamous love life. What better way to fight back? She gets back at them ala Taylor-Swift-style…. she writes a song about it.

The song somewhat sounds a bit similar to Bruno Mars’ “Locked out of heaven” and Le1f’s “Wut”. It was catchy, and has a feel-good-easy –to-the-ear pop beats into it. Although, I must admit, I kind of missed Taylor’s country songs. Maybe someday she would come back doing those country music again.

Now about the video. There’s twerking and ass involved in this video but it doesn’t look sexual and explicit like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj’s trashy videos. By the way, I just saw Nicki’s “Anaconda” and it’s a certified NSFW. It’s all boobs and ass. I can’t even remember a word from the song. I’m not even sure I heard “Anaconda” word into the song. The song was forgettable. This girl who sang “Independent Queen” deserves a shot in the music industry than Nicki. Really.

Sorry I got carried away. I’ll talk about that one on my next article.

I enjoyed Taylor’s Swift video. It’s somewhat a satire version of A-Z Dance, coincidentally also using Le1f’s “Wut” song. There was a lot of awkward dancing from Taylor Swift herself. Which I love so much! It reminds me of that dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite movie. It’s encouraging me to dance in public. Ok maybe not. I just told this to my husband. And he’s giving me a warning look. Hahah!

Anyways, I’ve got to practice my freestyle move. Privately for now. Hahha! Awkward dancing might not be so awkward I guess. Thanks Taylor Swift!

My Favorite Robin Williams Quotable Quotes

I know a lot of us were shocked and devastated by the loss of Robin Williams. It was a sudden tragic death. I grew up watching his films Peter Pan, Jumanji, Jack a lot more. Mrs. Doubtfire, was the first film I saw. My dad and I love watching Robin Williams’ movies because it makes us laugh all the time. He has a very comical and entertaining sense of humor. His funny wisecracks and witty improvisations are so unforgettable.

Fat Rant: Please Give Way to the Bigger People


It was Monday morning and I was on a passenger van waiting for other seats to be occupied. I was early and the van was still empty, it was so hot outside, I decided to go inside the van and choose the right corner seat so people can get in the van easily. After a few minutes, the 2 seats beside me are now occupied by a 40 year old something mom with her 9 year old son (I assume he’s 9). The boy is trying to sleep in her mom’s lap and is moving so much. His hands extend to my lap and it tickles me, I’m really trying not to move a lot, because I might offend the mom beside me. The last passenger arrived and she had no choice but to choose the only available seat which is beside the boy and the 40 year old mom. This one is a short-haired 60 year old something woman with her “English” talking granddaughter. She’s already seated near the door of the van, but she keeps on complaining how uncomfortable it is for her and her granddaughter. The driver finally starts the engine. I wore my headphone and played classical music to relax my ear. I don’t want to hear more of “Lola’s” complaining and bragging of her noisy-English-talking granddaughter going to an expensive school near Pacific mall.

And so, after 45 minutes, I saw my office, I’ve reached my destination. I was about to get out of the van but I can’t. My co-passengers here Ms. 40 year old and Ms. 60 year old, doesn’t want to go out, because they have kids sleeping on their laps.

“Bullshit!” I cursed secretly. The space is too small. I have a Kim K. ass. There’s no way I’m going to pass that door with my ass on their faces. I’m trying to keep my composure and I keep telling myself that I still need to respect them because they are parents too and they are older than me. I asked them promptly. Actually I pleaded twice. “Please, makikibaba po, malaki po ako.” The 40 year old mom finally stepped out of the van, but before she did that, she looks at me from head to foot. And said, “malaki nga”. I bite my tongue, and tried to breathe slowly, I’m about to snap. Then I thought the 60 year old “lola” here is also going to do the same. But she remained seated. Ignoring my request. Bitch powers is now on auto pilot. I did not move and looked straight at her. “Makikisuyo nga po, bumaba nap o kayo please” Lola stared at me and made the same comment before she stepped out. “Malaki nga”. I said, “Malaki nga po ako, kaya ko nga po kayo pinapababa”. I finally stepped out of the van. “Salamat po ha!” thanking them sarcastically. Just when I turned my back. The driver made snarky comment at me. “Ang taray nito!”. I talked back at him, “Panung hindi ako magtataray, e ayaw magbigay ng daan ng pasahero mo.” He said nothing as I crossed the street but boy we were exchanging evil stares at each other.

I hate that day. The driver made me feel I’m the bad guy. And those passengers, they are so inconsiderate. If they haven’t ignored my request we both avoided the embarrassing situation. I hate it. They made nasty insensitive comments of me being big, making it sound that I have a disease.

It’s unfair to me. I’m a mom too and I sit to where that 60 year old lola sit, sometimes I have my daughter sit on my lap on that 45 minute ride to the office. It is uncomfortable but I do give way to other passengers. I also hear other passengers giving snarky comments about other big passengers. I never thought that I will experience that too.

If you are as big as me and you’re experiencing the same thing. Talk back to them! They need to know that making those remarks are inappropriate. We have to educate those rude people, even if they are older than us. Sometimes old people, even professionals don’t know manners. Tsk tsk… Especially those rude drivers! I encourage you to report them immediately so we can teach them to respect us.

To rude passengers, please give way and respect other passengers. No need to address how big we are. We know that already. We are big and fabulous!


If you are commuting in a Pacific Mall Lucena – Lucban van, and a driver disrespects you. Let me know, I’ll give you the contact number and tell you how you can file complaint against that driver. I can help you to get in contact with a Pacific mall Admin responsible for reprimanding and issuing suspensions of these nasty drivers.

Fifty Shades of Grey Humor Quotes

The Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer became the most shared trailer of 2014. It became a trending topic since it’s release. But you know what’s the most twitter-trending about it? Its Fifty Sheds of Grey. Nope it’s not a typo. It’s actually a parody book about Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s wickedly funny. Here’s some quotable quotes from their twitter account, @50ShedsofGrey.

Keep Calm. Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer is Here.

And so the Fifty Shades of Grey official trailer is finally here! I like it so much I think I’ve watched it for 5 times already.

I love Dakota Fanning and Jamie Dornan, they have chemistry on screen, it’s seems like these roles are made for them! And that Jamie Dornan, wow! He reminds me of a yummy male model of a Hugo Boss commercial. Or maybe that’s him?! Ahhaha! Dakota captured what imagined of the innocent, soft spoken, and awkwardly charming Anastasia Steele.

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