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Fun Stuff to Do with your Kids on Rainy Days oct 2012 photo credits to

Fun Stuff to Do with your Kids on Rainy Days

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Filipino Pork Spring Rolls: Lumpiang Shanghai with Cheese Recipe


Every Filipino occasion is not complete without the famous Lumpiang Shanghai. What’s with the name anyways? Not sure. From what I know it’s a dish we inherited from the Chinese people who lived in the Philippines way back. It originally has chow mien and vegetables in eggrolls but since Filipinos love pork so much, they took out all the vegetables and put pork in it. Not sure if that’s part of history, I just heard it from Rex Navarrete! Funny guy! Ahhaha!

One thing is for sure though. It is easy to prepare that is why it’s on the dining table of every Filipino celebrations. I do have my own recipe of my Lumpiang Shanghai. I added cheese on it instead of putting garlic powder and soy sauce to add the salty flavor in it. I choose cheese because of its tangy taste and I love cheese! Who doesn’t love cheese anyways? Anyways, here’ my Lumpiang Shanghai recipe. Enjoy!

Momtrepreneurs Explore Opportunities at Entrepreneur & Franchise Expo 2014


The recently concluded ENTREPRENEUR & FRANCHISE EXPO 2014 opened business opportunities to business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs last June 27-29, 2014 at the Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. With the tagline “Your Step to Success!” the expo was dedicated to empower over 100 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from various business sectors.

Aspiring Momtrepreneurs: Take Your Step To Success at the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo


The ENTREPRENEUR AND FRANCHISE EXPO 2014 with the tagline, “Your Step to Success!”, is set to be held on June 27-29, 2014 at the MegatradeHall, 5TH Floor, Mega B Building, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Empowering over 100 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from various business sectors, the 3-day event features innovative and fast growing businesses, from food, education, retailing, real estate, travel, automobiles, logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, technology and  financing that visitors can explore from. The expo will also provide seminars on how to build a successful business, from funding, hiring, to finding the perfect business for you, making it the perfect market place for aspiring entrepreneurs and future franchises.

Most Annoying Facebook Posts

most annoying facebook posts 2012 pmost annoying facebook posts 2012 by photo credits by freedigitalphotos.comhoto credits by

I’ve read an article before on how to relieve stress, it says something about the things we do that causes stress and one of those mentioned is Facebook. Well, it was no surprise really. I don’t know if it’s me PMSing right now or I’m just being grouchy whatever but, Facebook posts nowadays are somewhat becoming more annoying these days.  It can either be another spammy marketing advertisements, picture of a baby doing his first wee wee, pouty lip vanity shots.. all of which came from, well my FB friends. Guess I have to trim down my FB friends list later.

You know what really irritates me the most. It’s the angry rants I usually see in Facebook and Twitter. I’ve seen a lot of news lately about employees being fired because on an angry rant about their bosses. Family feuds out in the open. Stories being put out of proportion. These people are putting their dirty laundry out in the public. Their stories are out for the world to see. I mean if they have issues, they should just resolve it privately right?

The productivity of the employees are also affected because of Facebook and all these social media. People tend to stalk more than work. This is the reason why we have Facebook  forbidden in my former company. In Sykes, we are not allowed to view any type of social media, it is necessary to ensure full productivity in all operations.

Weight loss Products I Used Before

weight loss products i have used before

I was riding a jeepney on my way to office this morning and overheard this woman beside me, trying to sell Usana Protein Shake to her colleague. I was pretty impressed of the way she was able to convince her colleague to get her buy that product right then and there. How can she be so gullible!

I was gullible too. I was one of those millions of people who turned to weight loss products as a shortcut to exercise.  I’m not saying that these weight loss products are not effective, oh believe me! It worked with NO exercise….well…it worked for a while though..

Clothing For Plus Size Women can Still be Fabulous

I haven’t posted anything about my weight recently. That’s because, well… I’ve been struggling a lot lately. But I did manage to shed some weight. At least that’s what my dad and my doctor told me. Im not gonna divulge how much I lost right now because quite frankly, it’s not that much really and I might jinx it hahah! So anyways, it’s been really frustrating for me not being able to fit into my old clothes anymore. 

Less Stressful Week without my Cellphone

Less Stressful Week without my Cellphone_mylucban_2012

Wow! I’ve been having a goodnight sleep since Yuri broke my cellphone. I feel more relaxed waking up in the morning with no alarms. I can also wake up earlier than before when I still have my cellphone. Typically, I used to turn off the alarm, and then sleep again, and then when I wake up, its 7:00 am and I’m about to be late for work again.