10 Things I Love about my Husband


Well what do you know.. it’s been 4 years since I got married to the man I love. I never thought that someone could marry an ill-tempered person like me. I wouldn’t last in a relationship if I have married a male version of me!

There were good days and bad days, ofcourse as a couple, we had those fights, and those fights made us stronger. And here we are, we are still together. I’m thankful that God gave me Jape. The only man who can put up with my tantrums and stupid temper. He haven’t killed me yet, so that’s good! Ahahha! And since it’s our 4th wedding anniversary, I would like to dedicate this article to him..

Ten things I love about my husband:

1. He kisses me and my daughter before he goes to work.
2. He always wakes me up with a kiss.
3. He washes the dishes even if he’s tired from work.
4. He takes care of our daughter. He’s a hands-on, responsible father.
5. He listens.
6. He always say I love you to me and our daughter before we go to sleep.
7. He respects my parents.
8. He knows when I’m upset and he knows what to do or say to make me feel better.
9. He says sorry even if it’s my fault.
10. He appreciates every little thing I do.

I love you hon.. so much… always have and always will. Happy Anniversay! Mwahugs!


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4 Responses to 10 Things I Love about my Husband

  1. Thet says:

    Wow! You’re so blessed to have a wonderful husband. For sure, you are a wonderful wife to him. ^_^ God bless your marriage.

  2. Elvira Villaflor says:

    How I wish I would be able to find someone like your husband. He’s so sweet and the most understanding man as I read your story. You’re so blessed to have him in your life.

    • Hi, Ms. Elvira. Thank you for those kind words. He’s not a perfect husband but he loves and respects me, i am thankful God gave me him to be my husband. I hope that you find your soulmate too. And i wish you happiness Ms. Elvira. Godbless..

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