Why Women Love Christian Grey


And so the news was out a few days ago. Jennifer Lopez is back for the next season of American Idol, thank God for that, Nicki Minaj should not be there in the first place. Oh!  Another revelation that made headlines this week is that Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam snagged the most coveted roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey film franchise. Wow! I can’t wait for August 2014 to watch the movie. I’ve been envisioning this image of Christian Grey for a while now and its coming alive on screen! Women who read the book can’t help but fall in love with this character over and over again. He’s handsome, rich and a freak in bed. Given that description, there are other reasons why women are so crazy in love with this character.  Guys, maybe this is something you can learn from too?

  • He knows how to take care of himself.
  • He knows how to fight.
  • He’s a philanthropist.
  • He’s thoughtful.
  • He’s monogamous.
  • He is not a show off.
  • He’s adventurous.
  • He’s responsible.
  • He’s competent.
  • He’s caring.

Women dig Christian Grey, why because he’s so perfect, such character doesn’t exist in real life. That Anastasia Steele must be very lucky, hahha! I We all have our own Christian Grey, we fell in love with them regardless of their flaws. I have my very own Christian Grey beside me, my husband, he’s not perfect like him and he sucks at gift giving, but I love him. And that’s all that matters.

Goodluck ladies on finding your own Christian Grey!


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