Working Moms: Would you Quit your Job if your Husband Told you to

My mom was a caregiver in Greece before she married my dad. She’s always been an independent, hardworking woman and the most practical person I know. When she and dad got married, they thought that they were on the same page. My mom still wants to go back to Greece after getting married. Having a baby right away was not on her cards back then because she wants to help dad to save before starting a family. Dad here wants mom to stay and start a family right away. And so “I” happened, I was the honeymoon baby who caught them by surprise. And then 2 months after I was born, mom got pregnant again, this time she was shocked, and then my brother came in the picture. She’s now taking care of 2 babies and the plans she have to go back to work is no longer there. Dad was earning from his job as a seafarer at that time, so finally, she decided to stay for good and be a fulltime mom.

Dad wasn’t always there, so I’m glad, mom was there for us. I’m grateful for the sacrifices she made for this family. I know it’s not on her plans back then, but her decision to give up her career for us is a big thing.

Would I do the same thing for my husband? Yes, if the situation calls for it. But now, I don’t think I need to quit my job. First thing, we need to be more practical these days, we’re just starting a family, we have bills and insurance to pay, we’re both healthy and we can still manage and balance time between our work and our family and lastly, I still love my work.

We all have different answers here. Quitting your job for your family doesn’t make you a doormat, and being a working mom doesn’t make you a feminist. And by the way, the whole point of feminism is to allow women the freedom to make their own choices. If letting her husband call the shots works for her, if it makes her happy, then more power to her, let her be. That’s what freedom is all about – being able to live your life the way you want to.


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