Anniversary Cake Designs from Songiah’s Cupcakes

The love month of February is approaching. It happens to be also the month of our 4th wedding anniversary and the 28th birthday of my husband. I’ve been planning all week what to give him. I want something cute, sweet but not so expensive. One thing I could think of is, Songiah’s Cupcakes ofcourse. I’m a fan, what can i say ahaha! So I went to their Facebook page and browsed for their cake designs that would fit the theme for our anniversary and for his birthday, and here’s what I found:


They are all so cute to look at, it reminds of love at first sight. I like all of them and its making it hard for me to choose which cake design should i order. Hmm? Now I’m starving… craving for cake..argh!


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One Response to Anniversary Cake Designs from Songiah’s Cupcakes

  1. Songiah's Cupcakes says:

    Hi Ms Ara,

    Thanks for this :) Don’t worry I will help you out for your Anniversary and Birthday Cake to make it super Special, super Sweet, and super in Love!

    Songiah’s Cupcakes

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