Tips on Making Cake Pops

It was my brother who introduced me into making cake pops. He originally saw it thru a TV show that featured a Filipina actress LJ Moreno on having a cake pops business. After watching a few cake pop tutorial videos we found ourselves making one. Our baking skills were put to test as we make our very first cake pop experiment.  Wait, I don’t have baking skills, does baking a baked lasagna counts? Anyways my brother helped me with everything; he knows how awful I am with baking but turns out that my first moist chocolate cake is perfect! And so we proceeded on making our cake pops. We followed everything on the Bakerella book. Well, we “almost” followed everything actually. Most of the cake pops chocolate coating cracked. And my brother blamed me for it. I was so excited I wasn’t able to wait that long for the cake to cool down before we do all the instructions so, only a few cake pops survived with chocolate coating still intact.

We did try again after that and we finally got it right the 2nd time. Would I do it again? No, maybe I’ll make another one on my daughter’s birthday. It’s a bit tedious for me and the ingredients are from Manila. But then again it’s worth a try. It’s still easier to make than fondant cake/cupcakes. So if you consider making your first cake pops, here are some tips that I can give you.

What You Will Need:
Chocolate Melter – I would recommend the Chocolatier Dual Electric Chocolate Melting Pot which is on sale in Lazada, its 51% off.
Bake Pops KitBake Pops Kit includes special bake pops pan, decorating idea guide, 18 sticks, 18 wraps, 18 ties and decorating squeeze bottle.

Where to Buy the Ingredients:
Love2Bake – They have everything there, imported Merckens and Wilton candy melts, paper lollipop sticks, cake frostings, edible glitters, cake pop boxes and all your baking needs. Love2Bake can also ship your products to your home.
Gourdo’s – If you can’t find the candy melts colors that you like in Love2Bake. They also have a lot of Wilton products. Gourdo’s can also ship your products if you’re outside Manila.
I recommend using Merckens than Wiltons but if you can’t find both, you can use Goya candy melts, which is available in SM Supermarket.
Merckens and Wilton candy melts costs 205.00/453g while Goya costs 85.00/250g

Do’s and don’ts when making cake pops:
1.    When dipping your cake balls to the melted chocolate, close the doors and windows. The chocolate coating becomes hard too quickly; you might not complete your decoration because the chocolate shell is formed already.
2.    Wait for at least 5 hours to cool down the cake after baking, so you won’t get cracked chocolate coating and no oil will come out in your cake pops.
3.    Add 1 tbsp. of corn oil for every 250 grams of candy melts when melting it, this is to avoid the very sticky consistency. Do not melt it in high heat or else it will become too sticky. Too sticky means its burnt already. Do not begin melting in high heat, begin with low heat then switch it to midway medium when dipping the cake balls. I still recommend using chocolate melter so you won’t have to worry about over-melting your candy melts.
4.    Make sure that the size of the cake balls will not exceed at 1 ½ inches. Because it will be too heavy that it will fall off the lollipop stick or fall on your candy melts mixture during the coating process.
5.    For decoration ideas, it will be more practical if you visit the candy stalls at SM. You can buy as low as 50 grams each. That way you can experiment more with designing your cake pops without spending too much on candy and chocolate decorations. You can use those Meiji chocolates in small boxes for starters.


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  1. I’ve been reading too many blog posts on baking recently. I hope that someday soon, I may find myself in the kitchen too! hee hee… :)

    Btw, Hello there Mom from Lucban. We are there in Quezon 3-4 times a year because my husband is from Lucena. :)

    We’ve been there during the Pahiyas Festival in 2011. Hopefully, we can experience that exciting fiesta there again! :)

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