Clothing For Plus Size Women can Still be Fabulous

I haven’t posted anything about my weight recently. That’s because, well… I’ve been struggling a lot lately. But I did manage to shed some weight. At least that’s what my dad and my doctor told me. Im not gonna divulge how much I lost right now because quite frankly, it’s not that much really and I might jinx it hahah! So anyways, it’s been really frustrating for me not being able to fit into my old clothes anymore. 

When I was still working in Sykes, I gained 5 kilos because of the so called call center diet – that’s late night eating, fast food, caffeine and drinking. Although I don’t drink alcohol and coffee, I usually eat late and munch on fast food to stay awake and keep up with my work. And it seems that I was able to get used to the same habit now that i have a daytime job. And because of that, it’s harder for me now to shed excess weight.

I’ve been so consumed of my frustration, lately I realized, well, why not look for bigger clothes that would embrace my body rather than sulking in the corner looking at old clothes I could no longer wear. I searched some sites in the web to look for plus size clothing. I was having a hard time looking for clothes that I like. There was only a few that I found that would cater to plus size women like me. Let’s admit it, most clothing store these days caters mostly for more smaller women.

I stopped searching for it and went into my Facebook page, I saw Tess Munster’s status update. Tess Munster is by the way a beautiful plus size model that I’m following on Facebook, she’s very beautiful, photogenic and I do look up to her, the woman on the picture is her by the way. I envy her confidence, she wears clothes with confidence. I want to be that confident, I want those fabulous clothes to add in my wardrobe. I need to stop contemplating and forget about fitting into those mom jeans i used to wear when i was 20 kilos lighter. I need something that compliments the mom curves that i have now.

Suddenly i find my self browsing online on where in this country can i get a fabulous top to pair my new black leggings. Sadly, I only found just a few online stores that caters to plussize women like me. Good thing though i found Zalora. I found good reviews about this online store. But for those who are still hesitant to shop online, you can check out Penggorasbox  review about her shopping experience with Zalora.

I was amazed how beautiful the Zalora plus size clothes are, they sell contemporary plus size clothing from sizes 14 to 36. Who would have thought that those clothing designs you usually see on a thinner model would actually look beautiful on a plus size model.

It’s really empowering to look at those clothes on a model who is the same size as you are. It gives me this liberating feeling, that if they can wear it, I can pull it off too! Every clothing shouts Eff-your-beauty-standards-I’ve-got-curves-and-i-know-how-to-use-it! For anyone out there who still can’t wear their mom jeans for now, the least we could do here is to sulk and be miserable. Let’s embrace what we have and be Fab!

Justin case my hubby is reading this:

Here’s my Zalora Wishlist, if you’re looking for gifts to give me this year, hahha!


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  2. Ching says:

    There is a myth that white helps make ladies seem fuller and bulky. What issues most is the cut, and design which can both accentuate a woman’s curves or highlights her flab. White Plus Dimension Dresses are the answer to all challenges relevant to buxom ladies donning white attires.

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