Lemongrass and its Health Benefits


I’m so happy, Dad dropped by this morning to give me another pot of lemongrass. I requested it because I love lemongrass on my chicken curry and it’s very hard to find lemon grass in the market. I always get my herbs and vegetables from my parents house because its free hahha! And besides I don’t have a garden and I don’t know how to garden. Unlike my parents , they have always been into gardening, they are really good at planting, something I didn’t inherit from their genes. Dad has been planting a lot of lemongrass these days. More and more people seem to go to our house and buy these ordinary looking weed. Dad and mom are also using it for health purposes. They drink and bath with lemongrass. Well I don’t know about dad, he loves the relaxing smell of lemon grass he takes a bath with warm water boiled in lemongrass. Weird.

And guess what? Dad and mom no longer drinks their medicine. They just drink hot and cold lemongrass tea everyday. And Dad has lost remarkable weight too. Mom’s cholesterol and uric acid went down too. They always watch what they eat and walks everyday together but with no medicine just lemongrass tea? That’s pretty remarkable.

I always love the scent of lemongrass, I prefer the smell of it than lavender oil.  I used to buy lemongrass oil to help me relax and sleep at night. I don’t buy it regularly, its too expensive, its like 100 pesos per 90ml, and 90 ml for me is good for 1 week only.

Base from the things I’ve found on the web, most hotels and spa establishments uses lemongrass to repel mosquitoes. And a 2006 study shows that lemongrass contains an anti-cancer element and proves to an effective anti-oxidant.

That maybe the reason why mom and dad feel healthy nowadays. I’m not yet convince though I’ve been drinking the lemongrass for about a week now and I like the taste of it compared to chamomile. Its not sour and bitter than I have expected. Its tastes “citrusy” in a pleasant way. I drink it before I go to sleep and because of the relaxing smell I can sleep a little bit better.

Dad is still convincing me to try bathing in lemongrass, I’m still not convinced though if it’s something I have to go through. Dad tried to cook all dishes with lemongrass and not all of them tastes good.

Its never too late to plant and grow your own vegetables. Gardening may not be as fun but its a practical way for you to cook delicious meals for your family. Think of the plants as a your own kid or a little brother/sister maybe. Just a little bit low maintenance type of kid though… you just have to water them everday. Hahah!


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