Ways to Reduce Morning Stress


Morning is the most stressful time of the day. Especially for moms like us, regardless of 5 hour sleep, we need to get up so early in the morning, cook breakfast, prepare clothes and other things for your husband and your children for school, bug them to wake up, arrange the dining table, wash the dishes, pack lunch for your family and the routine goes on and on.

Stress will always be there, its part of life. But that doesn’t mean its there, you just let it happen every single day. You might lose your sanity if you’re always stressed out every morning. There are plenty of ways to deal with the morning stress, and here’s a few of the thing that worked for me.

Write a checklist. Keep things in check, write those reminders or things you need to do before you sleep, you might forget it in the morning.

Adjust your sleeping habits. It’s a simple logic, if you need to be up early, then you need to sleep early too. It won’t be that difficult to wake up in the mornig if your body is well rested, so target for 8 hour sleep instead of 5 hour sleep. If you’re having sleeping difficulty, you might want to try these sleeping tips from my previous article.

Prepare things in the evening. Prepare and pick out the things and the clothes your family will be using for the next day, so you can do fewer chores in the morning.

Don’t use an alarm clock. It’s a total buzzkill. Don’t worry about it, your bodyclock can do that “waking up” thing for you, so adjust your sleeping habits, sleep early so you can wake up early too.

Stretch. Do simple stretching to prepare your body for work.

Drink a glass of water. Hydrate with a glass of water and then prepare hot chamomile tea, sip it up while cooking your breakfast.

Add some music. Sooth yourself with Latin Jazz songs. You can try this Antonio Carlo Jobim 30 minute Bossanova Jazz melody while you’re cooking. I always feel like im in a cooking show of some sort or in a Starbucks Café in Brazil everytime I play it in the morning. (Me and my imagination again, haha!)

That’s about it! Goodluck with that morning stress! Have a fun day ahead.


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