Kumon Program: Teaching Kids about Math, Reading and Self-Learning


As a kid, I excelled in English and History subjects but never at Math. I hate Math and I think Math hates me too, hahha! I have a tutor in grade school to help me with my assignments and prepare for tests. I never really had persevered learning on my own, so yah, i’m the lazy kid! That’s my biggest regret really; I should have studied hard in school. That is why I’m going to enroll my kid this summer to Kumon, to teach her about self-learning.

I’m not the “flash card mom” here ok, besides I don’t have flash cards hehe! My daughter loves watching TV and she also loves hearing bedtime stories. She talks and understands some of the English words and numbers, thanks to Disney cartoons. And since she’s really fascinated with stories, I’m planning to enroll to the Kumon’s reading program. If she can read already, she will be ready for piano, or guitar or violin lessons 2 or 3 years from now.

Enrolling at Kumon requires you to attend the parent’s 1 hour orientation. They are admitting 3 year old kids and above. They have 2 courses, Math and Reading program. It’s PHP 1,800 per month per program, that’s 2 sessions every week. You can’t take both courses at once. If the kid is older, he/she can take both courses, depends on his/her learning ability, but mostly for starters, they have to stick to 1 course for a year before they take both courses.  At registration, you will pay an added 500 pesos. If you stopped for 3 months for example and you want to re-enroll again, you have to pay the 500 pesos again.

My cousin enrolled her 6 year son in Kumon’s reading program. After 3 months he can read and speak English fluently. I’ve heard a lot of good feedbacks with the Kumon program. They teach kids about these unheard techniques to solve math problems and equations. But the best thing about this Kumon is that they teach kids to learn independently.

I’m not really sure if IQ is hereditary, but from what I know, learning habits is hereditary. And quite frankly I don’t want to pass my study habits to my daughter ahhah! I want her to learn from my own experience, I don’t want her to have the same regret. I can’t afford all the toys she wants but I will definitely do everything to give her the best education, unleash her potential, so when she grows up, she can be the best person as she can be.


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