My Daughter is my Lucky Charm

My daughter and I went to the mall yesterday for grocery. There were lucky charms everywhere. Yuri pulled me into this stall with lots of charm bracelets. She loves beaded bedazzled pink stuff, she’s giving me this puppy dog eyes again, begging me to buy this pink bracelet for her and then this saleslady trying to sell us other add-ons for the bracelet and said, “Mam you can also add this green stone too on that pink bracelet, it adds luck, these are all original stone and it will only cost you 500 pesos.”

I politely said, “No, thank you”. Turned around, and gave Yuri “the look”, you know.. the “put-it-down-were-on-a-tight-budget” kind of look, she put the bracelet down and looked a bit disappointed. I told her that we can go to a playhouse after the grocery, and then she smiled again. Problem solved! I call that compromise..hehhe!

Five hundred pesos for a bracelet…no way jose! Call me cheap, but i could pay my cable bill for 500 pesos, I can feed my family for 2 days, I can do a lot for 500 pesos. There is no way I will buy a bracelet for 500 pesos just to bring me luck. You can’t buy luck. Besides I already have my lucky charm and that’s my daughter.

Every parent’s lucky charm should be their own children, and not some bracelet or any other thing, won’t you agree? Ok, maybe I have an irrational sense of optimism; but really, our daughter brought good things into our lives. She was a surprise that came in the most opportune moment when my husband and I were having those “series of unfortunate events” in our lives,  as I’ve mentioned from my previous blog post, that’s when we were having that me-and-you-against-the-world thing moment as we say it.

And when Yuri came into our lives, happiness and fulfillment came…

- My husband finally finished his thesis and was able to graduate in college with flying colors.
- I was able to reunite and patch things up with my mom and dad.
- I was able to land the dream job I’m looking for. Its only 1 hour drive from home, good salary, awesome benefits, stable company, computer related marketing job and best of all, it’s a day time job.
- My husband was also able to land his dream job to be an IT/Graphic designer in a stable company. And we work on the same place too.
- We don’t have to rent, my aunt lets us live in her house she’s not using.
- I was finally free to practice my own faith.
- My parents finally learned to love and accept my husband as part of our family.
- My parents and my husband’s parents are now friends and getting along so well.
- I finally married my one true love. I became a wife and a mom. It was a dream came true.

I can’t remember the other things but those were the big things that happened when Yuri was born. God gave me my child to bring me luck and of course, happiness, fulfillment. With that in mind, I know I’m lucky.

So when I’m down and weary, I always think of these good things, count my blessings, just to remind me to trust everything to God. That no matter what happens things will always fall into its right places.


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