Twelve year old Willow Smith Singing about “Summer Fling”

Willow Smith’s new video is out and its making a lot of buzz. The song title itself “Summer Fling” is as much as controversial as the lyrics. I kept hearing this line from the song, “It’s just a couple months, but we do it anyway.” I was like, “Ok, a 12 year old, is doing what?”

A couple of years ago, she was just this cute feisty young hair-whipping girl singing about girl empowerment and then suddenly here she is now with her fake British accent singing (what’s with the accent anyway?! I don’t get it) about midnight swimming rendezvous with a boy and for God sake, she’s only 12?!I found myself squirming in disbelief as I watch the video.  I see tweens in their 2 piece bikinis partying with some older boys. Is this pre-approved by her parents? Where is the innocence in this video?

I maybe the only one right over reacting right now, you should see the video itself. Oh! And I must warn you. This is intended for young teens, so everything in it is corny.

Here’s the link:



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