Want a Ponytail in an Instant? Use the Vacuum Cleaner..

Using-Vacuum- Ponytail-your-Daughters-Hair-photocredits- to-YurikoShaffer-mylucban.com

Doing my kid’s hair is not my forte. I can’t even fix my own hair for heaven’s sake. I don’t know how to put it but it consumes a lot of time, it’s like a household chore really hahha! But when I saw this  YouTube video, where a dad makes a ponytail in 5 seconds, i’m kind of thinking to try it one of these days.

I think it’s the quickest way to do a ponytail, for example your vacuuming the floor, then your daughter asks for a ponytail, ofcourse she wouldn’t stop whining about it until she gets her ponytail done, so since you have the vacuum on your hand you can do this trick and there you have it! A ponytail in an instant, but I wouldn’t call it hygienic though…haha! Works well if you have a lots of  girls in the family.


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