What I Learned from Sending My Kid to Preschool

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Here’s my take on an article from babble.com written by Digital Mom, “7 Lessons I Learned from Sending My Kid to Preschool”.

It has been almost a year since I enrolled my daughter to preschool. I was excited and a bit anxious at that time, thinking if she’s going to like school, can she blend in and get along with other toddlers. I mean she has a bit of an introvert personality like me, she’s moody like me, ok, ok she’s like me, except that I don’t cry that much and I’m potty trained and she’s not, and that’s another thing, she’s not fully potty trained yet.

I decided then to enrol her to the seat-in student program, you know just to test the waters first. Thank God it went well, it was a right decision because, Yuri had fun and liked school a lot. She’s no longer shy with her classmates, she counts, draws, sings and eats her vegetables. And I also learned a lot of things too from sending my daughter to preschool, and now I’m sharing it to you.

Stop comparing your kid with other kid’s progress. Don’t dwell on your kid’s weakness. Instead try to see the things he/she’s good at. Your kid may not be as talkative as the other kids but he/she maybe good at tinkering things or into sports stuff like running, or maybe more into music stuff or something else. Stop pressuring your kid to be someone else.

It’s a preschool not a fashion show. Don’t dress your kid with fancy schmancy clothes you know why? Because those clothes will be most likely to be painted or worse stained after doing all those activities in school.

Be practical, especially with birthday parties. So what if other parents throw lavish birthday parties every year, that doesn’t mean you have to that too. If you don’t have a budget to throw a party, then don’t be pressured to do so. There are many alternative ways to throw a party without spending too much.

Use your free time wisely. Let’s admit, it’s easier and faster to clean the house without our kids. You spend like 30 minutes sweeping the floor and then its takes 3 minutes for your kids to make it dirty again. So use your time wisely. And by the way, before your kids arrive from school, take a picture of your clean floor first and appreciate it. And speaking of appreciate…

Appreciate everything, even your kid’s Picasso-like-paintings. It’s an art, even the mindboggling abstract murals from your walls, windows. Acknowledge their work, even the simple things, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and lifts up their self-esteem.

Social skills cannot be taught, she will learn from her own. Let her be with other toddlers, she will hone her social skills gradually by learning from other kids.

Let her cry and learn from her own mistakes. Sometimes we can help our kids by not helping them. Let them cry, and make their own mistakes. They will eventually learn from it and stand up on their own.


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