Finally The Real Deal Talent Show is Here: The Voice Philippines


Watching The Voice Philippines is so addicting. Even my husband, who’s by the way not into these talent programs, is now hooked on this twitter trending show. Yes its making the twitter world crazy and lately it became number 2 on Twitter’s Worldwide trending list.

This is not your typical talent show, from the title itself, contestants are judged from their singing ability and not from their looks. And this is the reason why I don’t watch the previous talent shows in ABS CBN before, they usually take contestants who are either more than good looking than their voice or has a tear jerker life story to share.

Well this show ain’t no beauty pageant show. And regardless of how tragic or how unfortunate your life is, your voice is the only thing that will matter on this show. Not only that, the great thing about this show is that, you get judged by people who really sing. They have Ms. Lea Salonga, everyone know who Ms. Lea is? Hello Broadway! Hello Miss Saigon! OK she doesn’t need further introduction; you probably get it by now. Another artist who made its name known wordwide,  Apl de Ap of the famous group Black Eyed Peas.  Oh let’s not forget Popstar princess Sarah Geronimo, she maybe the youngest judges but, her vocal prowess made her one of the top entertainers of this generation, she was once discovered in a talent show before and with her 10 year experience in this industry, she earned that position to be the judge of the voice. And last but not definitely the least, ofcourse my personal favorite, Bamboo Manalac. He’s one of the rockstar icon of this country. This Former Rivermaya and Bamboo Band frontman is known for his enigmatic performance and powerful light voice that touches the sky of the heavens. Again that’s an exaggerated statement from a huge Bamboo Fan.  Husband is looking as Im typing this. He says I’m biased. Anyway’s I can always get away with it. He’s also a Bamboo fan. And we went to a lot of Bamboo concerts when we’re dating back in college. And it was song “214” playing at the background when, we made our first daughter, you know what I mean. Ok! Too much information! Moving on..

But regardless of the judge, I already have a favorite, and she’s from Team Leah, Miss Radha Tinsay. She is as beautiful and sexy as her voice.  She used to be part of the famous pop names, “Kulay” (Tagalog for Color)group way back in the 90’s. They won a lot of award back and was about to embark on a international career but unfortunately her one of the groups vocalist died of undiagnosed epilepsy, she is so devastated and  was also her bestfriend. They decided to disband and continue on their lives. Radha still sings at some TV show events and bars. She hopes that with The Voice Philippines, she can have a second chance she deserves to hit it big again in the music industry.

Wow, I’ve said so much a lot about her. I’m already a fan! So Miss Radha, I’m so rooting for you. I hope that you’ll be The Voice of the Philippines very first winner.

I love this show! I love Miss Radha Tinsay! And I love Bamboo! And ofcourse.. I love my husband more…he’s again looking as I’m typing this. Ahahhaha!

More power to this show! This is the real deal I’m telling you!


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