My Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about making my own bucket list for a quite a while now, and I really don’t know how to make one because the first bucket list I made is full of material things I want. I even wrote a Barbie house I always wanted when I was a kid. When my husband read it out loud, he said it sounded more like a wishlist to Santa than a bucket list.

I wanted to watch “The Bucket List” movie again, so I can get an idea on what to put on my bucket list. I searched the internet to download that movie, but then I came across this wonderful site full of bucket list ideas. I jot down the things I like and cross out the things I already did.As I was reading each one, I came across this one line that says, “Do something that scares you”.

I’m afraid of a lot of things. I want to put everything there but what is it exactly that I want to accomplish? What fear do I want to overcome? Ok maybe I’ll figure that out as I jot down my bucket list.

So here they are:

Walk the Great Wall of China
Hike in Norway
See the Cherry Blossoms of Japan
Visit all the tourist spots in my own country, The Philippines
Go to as many concerts and play as possible
Dancing in the rain 
Swim in a waterfall
Dress up for no reason
Go karting
Early morning run
Fly a kite
Take a risk – I took the biggest risk of my life when i fell inlove with my husband.
Watergun fight
Beach camping
Rock climbing
Wear a bathing suit
Roll down a big grass hill – I rolled down a hill unintentionally, when i got so drunk way back in college. And my crush was there. Major turn off!
Watch all Harry Potter films
Water balloon fight
Send a message in a bottle
Put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away
Watch sunrise and sunset at the beach
Learn a new language
Visit any place in US or Canada
Say yes everything for a day
Learn a new instrument
Send a letter to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
Create something beautiful
Built our dream house
Remake our wedding, a grand fairytale-like bohemian inspired one
See our daughter marry, have her own family and me and my husband taking care of our future grandkids
Scuba diving
Walk inside a Zorb ball
See a giant turtle
Join a marathon
Learn to bake
Zip line
Visit South Korea, Australia and New Zealand
Do something that scares you…?Hmmm..

Now I remember, I’m afraid of flying… aw… i need to get on a plane to be able to do all the travelling. Hmm…that could be a problem.. Anyways.. i know ill get over it someday and check those one out on my bucket list one by one. We’ll see about that..!


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2 Responses to My Bucket List

  1. Erbe says:

    Thanks for the good writeup.

  2. nikka says:

    I am thinking now of making my own bucket list….hmmmm…

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