Operation Facebook Clean-up

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“Admit it guys, most of the friends that we have in Facebook are only just our friends in Facebook..”

A former classmate posted that on our highschool group page. I’m not sure if he’s having a bad day or what his intentions were when he posted that but I liked that post. I’m actually guilty of friend-hoarding in Facebook. I am mostly guilty about accepting friend request from people I really don’t like, thinking that it would offend them if I ignore their requests.

And since my profile name begins with an A, I’m receiving a lot of irritating game/application requests from my Facebook friends, whom I’m really not friends with in real life. And then you have here nosy relatives who like killing your posts, spying you, waiting for you to make a mistake so that they have something to talk about. Then on your newsfeed, you have these annoying Facebook posts, explicit sexual images, angry rants, violent gruesome news, making you all bummed and stressed out.

So anyways, after I read that post from my highschool classmate, it inspired me to do “operation Facebook clean-up”. I’ve blocked all game/application requests. I wished I took time a long time ago to know on how to do this when I switched to timeline because it took me I think an hour and a half to block 300+ game requests yesterday.

I also removed I think almost half of my FB friends. So now if I see the newsfeed I’m only going to see updates from people I’m interested to know about, those I’ve established relationship with. And with that, my newsfeed won’t be too crammed up anymore I can see what’s happening and catch up more with my real friends.

“It’s better to have few friends than many fake friends…”


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